In the Covid-19 Pandemic, How Well did Zoom Cloud Meeting and Quizizz Media Perform?

Ade Vitarani, Pratiwi Pujiastuti, Anang Sudigdo


The purpose of this study was to investigate whether or not the use of Zoom Cloud Meeting and Quiziz media had a substantial impact on students' interest in learning about literature. The participants in this study were 80 students who were enrolled in PGSD UST for the four semesters. This study is a quasi-experimental study that uses a questionnaire approach called the learning interest scale questionnaire to collect data with the help of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov analytical approach and the t-test. Based on the findings of the t-test, it was determined that t = 0.338 and p = 0.563 were significant. When this number was compared to a significance value of 0.05 for the one-score test, the p-value was found to be more than 0.05, indicating a statistically significant difference. Thus, classes taught using Zoom Cloud Meeting and Quizizz media have a higher level of enthusiasm in learning than programs taught using WAG medium (Whatsapp Group).



Zoom Cloud Meeting, Quizizz, Interest in Learning

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