Research Developments in Quality Management at Universities in Indonesia: A Systematic Literature Review

Hartono Hartono


This systematic literature review evaluates the progression of Quality Management (QM) practices in Indonesian universities over the last two decades, leveraging high-quality studies from databases like Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science. Utilizing a stringent selection process based on relevance, rigor, and contribution, the review explores QM evolution, focusing on implementation, challenges, and impacts. The findings reveal a trend towards adopting QM practices, driven by international standards and local requirements, and place these developments within broader QM theoretical frameworks, such as the Total Quality Management (TQM) model. This analysis provides insight into the systemic and theoretical aspects of QM and examines the unique context of Indonesian higher education, highlighting its influence on QM outcomes. Offering both local insights and international implications, especially for similar developing countries, this review emphasizes the critical role of contextual factors in QM effectiveness. By integrating rigorous analysis with theoretical perspectives, the study contributes significantly to the discourse on quality management in higher education, suggesting directions for future research and policy-making.


Development research; Quality development; Systematic literature review

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